About Us


Chendur Murugan Fab gives priority highly to the economic growth also importance of protecting our natural resources. This UPVC doors and windows help us to protect our natural environment .As well as this uPVC windows and doors can be custom made to any specification.

UPVC doors and windows are of European Standards in Coimbatore.
High quality Sophisticated UPVC doors and windows in Coimbatore.
Produced with German Technology in Coimbatore.
We have experts in technical side with more than 15years of experience.
We offer Good Customer Service.
Customized designs for UPVC doors and windows.

Who we are?

Chendur Murugan Fab is one of the leading UPVC doors and windows manufacturers in Coimbatore. We design & provide the UPVC doors, windows depend upon the customer's selection and fabricate them with better quality. As well as we set up the doors & windows at customer place. In past years every house of the doors & windows are made in metal or wood, but at present days customers anticipate their house doors and windows should be designed with latest specialized features built in it.

So, we are here in Coimbatore to generate the highest quality UPVC doors and windows to meet the customer's expectations with high quality material. We decide to have the social responsibility to save our earth by not destroying the forest. While making doors and windows in wood, we had to destroy lots of trees. So, our new technology of UPVC doors and windows will help to preserve the forests & replace the high quality material for the customers.

In Chendur Murugan Fabrication Coimbatore manufacture products of this uPVC windows & doors are available at less cost when matched to wooden and other metal. uPVC doors & windows are environmental friendly product which is produced by us. There won't be any requirements of painting and polishing often for uPVC. We ensure that you receive a hassle-free service right from the start till the installation of the uPVC windows and doors. Our throughout solutions are designed to fabricate ever the best view for customers.

Advantages of UPVC Doors and Windows

10 Years Warranty

Adaptable for all climatic

Energy Efficient

Strong & Secure

Maintenance Free

Sound Proof

Termite & Corrosion Proof

Thermal Insulation


If you care about conserving the environment, choose CM Fab (Chendur Murugan Fab) in Coimbatore, UPVC Window systems! The flow of heat inside the room will be minimized while maximizing the inflow of light. CM Fab in Coimbatore not only reduces the requirement of AC to minimal, but also provides a quiet atmosphere inside the rooms, thus saving energy.

The production of UPVC Doors & Windows comprises an environment friendly process consuming less energy, which gets rid of the side effects of regular painting and polishing. Extra durable windows help make home a safer and greener residence. CM Fab in Coimbatore produces the lead-free profiles, which also remove the use of lead in the construction industry.


Innovation through research, development and most recent technology to make the outcomes and establish the company growth in accordance with the value of customer.


Implementing to develop a culture of continuous improvement that will focus on the need of the customers and do provide them with acceptable products and value added services.