UPVC Windows

UPVC Windows are a great selection for your dream house. They are not only trendy, but also built with stable materials, so it is both sea water resistant and pollution resistant. These types of windows need only regular cleaning as it doesn't rot or fade. These materials are also a good insulator, making your house safe from electrical surprises. At CM Fabrication, we manufacture Fixed Windows, Casement windows, Sliding Windows and Combination windows. UPVC Window frames are designed aesthetically by CM Fabrication which offers versatile solutions to variety of application requirements. Our products are offered with varied colors and designs of windows, which are light in weight, easy to handle & install. The same window provides functional options of side and top opening with tilt & turns technology as well as slide windows with bug screens.

CM Fabrication UPVC offers a complete manufacturing solution for all your UPVC furnishing requirements. Along with the different styles and designs, CM Fabrication UPVC windows and doors can be custom made to any specification. We ensure that you receive a hassle-free service right from the start till the installation of the UPVC windows. Our end-to-end solutions are designed to frame the best view for you. Our wealth of knowledge of the construction industry gives us an edge in the technical expertise needed in ensuring perfect design, fabrication, and installation for your UPVC windows.

Casement Windows

Chendur Murugan Fab for the beautiful and elegant window design, creating a way for the Fresh Air into your space. We stream be spoke Casement Windows that are not only outstanding and look modern but also have the benefits that uPVC offers.

Explore Our Collections of Casement Windows Which Makes Your Room More Bigger:

Top Hung
Tilt and Turn
Casement Windows with Grill
Casement Windows with Grill & Mesh

Sliding Windows

We take you to a range of gorgeous looking uPVC home window designs that will renovate your home and defend you from the world outside by insulating against noise, dust, rain, pollution and rising energy costs. Our designs comes with Originality, Attractiveness with Innovation which enhances your feel from day start to end. A gentle push of our sliding windows with rollers views to the external beauty. Chendur Murugan Fab uPVC sliding windows are best suited for apartments, villas and offices. Come, explore our world of uPVC windows, and install them in your home to feel the difference.

Explore Our Collections of Sliding Windows Which Makes Your Room More Bigger:

2 Track uPVC Sliding Window
2.5 Track uPVC Sliding Window
3 Track uPVC Sliding Window